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ProMedia Studios

As a media organization, ProMedia is specialized in organizing events: physical, online or a combination of these (hybrid). This specialism is most evident at the ProMedia Studios. Every year we organize hundreds of productions from our studios for external customers.

These customers use our studio complex for many different (online) meetings, such as webinars, staff and customer meetings, shareholder meetings, product presentations, training courses and online network drinks. Each customer is personally guided and the broadcast is tailored to the specific wishes. Because a broadcast is more than a webinar platform and a camera, it starts with thinking about the goal, then we look at the recruitment, production, etc.

Nothing is too crazy, take advantage of all the knowledge we have gained over the years. Welcome to ProMedia Studios: your ambition, our ambition!

Would you like to rent a webinar studio, but you don’t have the right equipment? ProMedia has two professional studios in Rotterdam, right next to Central Station (Delftse Poort). We use these studios daily for our own online events, conferences, news broadcasts and training courses.

These studios are for rent for companies and governments. This way you stay in touch with your (potential) customers, employees and stakeholders.

ProMedia Studio website

We have made a new website for the ProMedia Studios so that we can inform you even better about the possibilities.

More information or questions about the studios?

Do you have questions about organizing your online event or webinar? Feel free to contact Business Unit Manager Robin Dekker +31 (0)6-28541712. Or send an email to We are happy to help.

Complete unburdening and different packages

Organizing an online event may seem easier than it is. After all, everyone has a lot of experience with Zoom, Teams and Hangouts. However, organizing an online event is something completely different. We unburden you so that you can focus on the content of the event. How do we do this? Fill in the form and you will discover how we do this. You will also receive an overview of the different packages we offer.

About ProMedia Studios

Our well-equipped studio is designed to communicate as clearly as possible with your (potential) customers, colleagues and stakeholders. ProMedia offers a total package:

Advantages of the ProMedia Studios

  1. Years of experience in organizing large online events (such as RailTech Live with 10,000 international viewers)
  2. Two studios available (large studio with grandstand and medium-sized studio)
  3. Located next to the Central Station in Rotterdam (own parking garage also available)
  4. As a publisher a lot of experience with conducting exclusive interviews, making reports and giving webinars
  5. Many print & online promotion opportunities (reach up to 750,000 professionals in the transport, maritime industry, rail sector and mobility)
  6. Professional control room equipped with the latest techniques

Impression of the ProMedia studios

The webinar studios can be rented for an attractive rate. The studios are equipped with professional lighting, sharp cameras and excellent audio. Two studios are available: studio one (20m2) and studio two (with 75 m2 seating area and flexible setting)

Satisfied customers

We have organized an online event, product introduction, kick-off meeting or digital drink for the customers listed below.

Successful Episodes

Over the years we have created over 100 webinars, live streams or video recordings for our own publications. And we are very proud of this!

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