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ProMedia Group is a multimedia company and publisher of business-to-business trade magazines in the mobility, traffic and transport sectors. Every day we inform directors, managers, entrepreneurs and other professionals about developments in their field. We also organize high-quality (inter)national conferences and trade fairs in the sectors we  operate in. We believe that sharing knowledge leads to a better business climate. Our trade magazines reach more than 750,000 professionals per month.

Our publications

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Our events

In addition to our business-to-business magazines, ProMedia organizes high-quality (inter)national conferences, seminars and trade fairs in the sectors in which we operate. Informing and inspiring the sector is our top priority.

Meeting each other and making new relationships is important. Through our events, we bring professionals in the field together to discuss the latest developments and challenges.

Working in Business Units

At ProMedia we strongly believe in the power of personal development. Everyone has talents and they are best developed when you put people to their strength. That, combined with ownership, the beginner’s mind and joining forces is the strength of ProMedia and what makes ProMedia different from other multimedia companies.

This process is reflected in working in self-managing Business Teams. Each team consists of a mix of professionals who represent different disciplines: editorial, sales and marketing/events. This group has great freedom to do business and develop products themselves, within our business frameworks. This ensures that everyone is ‘at the controls’ for his or her product. The growth of ProMedia proves that this approach works and ensures high appreciation of its own work among its employees.

ProMedia focuses on the mobility, transport and logistics markets. All products are for professionals, so B2B. The market is divided into the teams: Rail, Transport, Maritime, Automotive and Passenger Transport.

Maritime & Transport

The Maritime & Transport division consists of the trade titles Schuttevaer, Nieuwsblad Transport and Flows. Online, with the daily newsletters, via the newspaper and the magazines, the editors keep you informed of the latest developments on a daily basis and provide interpretation of the latest news in the transport and maritime sector in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Throughout the year numerous events and conferences are organized to bring the industry together, highlight important themes and help the various sectors. Think of Multimodal Transport Expo, Maritime Innovation Platform and the Flemish-Dutch Port Day.

Mobility & Automotive

The Mobility & Automotive cluster consists of the trade magazines Automotive and Fleet & Mobility and the online titles TankPro, CarwashPro, RijschoolPro, TaxiPro, OVPro and VerkeersNet. 

Every day the editors of these titles closely follow the latest news, enter into dialogue with the industry and list the latest trends and developments for you. They do this not only online and in the magazines, but also live from their own studio in Rotterdam. Throughout the year they also organize numerous events and conferences to bring the industry together, highlight important themes and help the various sectors on their way to the future.

Rail & Infra

Rail & Infra is the most international branch within Promedia and consists of the titles,,,,, and

On a daily basis, the editors of these titles follow the latest news closely, engage with the industry and list the latest trends and developments for you. The division has two distinct business directions: Rail Infra & Rail Freight. The online trade magazines target the European, British and Chinese industries and are published in Dutch, Belgian, French, Chinese and English. We also facilitate various events throughout Europe to accelerate the exchange of knowledge and business.


The studio team is the youngest and perhaps the most dynamic team at ProMedia. This team was created during the corona crisis when all events had to be transformed from physical to online by necessity. This led to the opening of ProMedia Studio 1 in 2020 and ProMedia Studio 2 in the Delftse Poort in 2021. These studios were the starting point of ProMedia’s online success with weekly news broadcasts and online conferences.

Our Team



Internships & traineeships

We have several departments within ProMedia where we are welcoming more and more interns. Students bring fresh energy into the organization and we like that. At ProMedia you do not come to bring coffee or make copies but to be part of one of our teams. A perfect internship to take the first steps in your profession. Fun fact: many of our interns extend their internship with us, continue working with us or come back after their studies. Something for you?

For two years now we have had a Journalism Traineeship for recent MA graduates. In one year you will learn the journalism profession. You do not need to have studied journalism. In July 2023 a new group will start again.

Working at & Continue to grow

If you ask us “what are you most proud of at ProMedia?” we will confidently answer “our colleagues.” ProMedia was started in 2010 and has experienced significant growth since then and especially in recent years. Through acquisitions but also organic growth. By the visionary and inspiring vision of our CEO Joan Blaas, but also by the enormous passion and drive of all our colleagues.

Personal development is one of our most important core values. This applies to everyone within ProMedia. It means that everything we do and start, we do with our beginners mind. We never stop learning and are constantly working with each other to create a better product. We are hard-working, entrepreneurial and innovative, but also know how to enjoy moments and have a good party together.

Work like an Athlete. Charge like a Tesla.

Join Us!

ProMedia Group helps professionals in the traffic, mobility and transport sector to perform their profession better. To this end, we collect and disseminate knowledge by publishing business-to-business trade journals, newspapers and news websites and organizing knowledge events.

Every day our expert editorial staff brings news, analyses and background articles. In addition, we organize high-quality (international) conferences and trade fairs and we offer multimedia solutions for our customers. We are growing fast and are constantly looking for new people.

Put your career in motion.