Our Publications

As a Publisher, ProMedia focuses on trade publications in transport, logistics and mobility. These consist of various online magazines, newspapers and websites. Our titles are distributed in three divisions, Maritime & Transport, Mobility & Automotive and Rail, Infra & Cargo. With over 20 titles currently in circulation, ProMedia covers a great spectrum in the trade publications industry. The oldest publication Nieuwsblad Transport originated in 1887 and international publications such as RailFreight.com deliver a strong geographical focus between Europe and China. Mobility publications strengthen each niche pillar in the sector, such as Automotive and RijschoolPro.

Our journalists report not only the transport, logistics and mobility development in the Netherlands, but also globally such as in Belgium, Germany, France and China. Our journalists and editors publish independent journalism for their assigned publications.

Our publications

Schuttevaer is the top one Dutch news source for the inland and maritime shipping industry.
Nieuwsblad Transport has been publishing the latest transport industry developments for more than 32 years.
As a successor of the Belgian oldest newspaper De Lloyd, Flows.be was launched in 2013.
The platform for middle and higher management in the automotive industry.
The platform for business mobility.
The news site for the gas station industry.
The news site for carwash professionals.
RijschoolPro.nl is an online, independent trade magazine for the driving school industry.
MA new and powerful platform for the mobility sector.
The platform for the auto repair industry.
The platform for the tyre industry.
The platform for automotive vacancies.
The news site for EV charging station.
Online news site for Dutch professionals working in and around rail infrastructure, rolling stock and rail cargo.
Online news site for the railway industry.
Online news site for the Belgian railway industry.
Online news site for the Dutch infrastructure industry.
Online news site for the global rail freight industry.
Online news site for the Chinese rail freight industry.
Online news site for project cargo.
Online news site for cargo transportation worldwide.
Online news site for the bulk materials handling and transport industry.
Child in the City is an independent not-for-profit foundation directed at the creation of child-friendly cities.