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The Maritime & Transport division consists of the trade titles Schuttevaer, Nieuwsblad Transport and Flows. Our editors keep you informed of the latest developments in the industry through daily newsletters, newspapers and magazines. Our publications cover the latest news in the transport and maritime sector with a focus on the Netherlands and Flanders.

We organise numerous events and conferences throughout the year. The industries are brought together to discuss important themes and navigate the future of the business. Think of the Multimodal Transport Expo, Maritime Innovation Platform and the Flemish-Dutch Port Day.

“”With a team of 26 enthusiastic professionals, we are working every day to create the best, independent trade information for the Dutch and Flemish maritime, transport and logistics sector.””

Paul van der Kooij, Division Director Maritime & Transport


Schuttevaer was founded in 1888 (no typo!), and is still the leading maritime news source in the Netherlands. Schuttevaer is a weekly newspaper and news website with a strong focus on maritime technology, inland shipping, fishing, offshore industry, shipbuilding, maritime shipping and international maritime transport and history. reaches a large audience within the maritime sector with an average of 230,000 unique visitors and 1.2 million page views per month. This makes it the largest online publication of ProMedia.

Schuttevaer has a unique ‘tone of voice’ with not only company stories, but also many stories about human interests. Photography and opinion are a well-known part of this title. We can honestly say that everyone in the maritime sector knows Schutevaer.

Nieuwsblad Transport

Nieuwsblad Transport focuses on business readers from all modes of transport: road transport, sea shipping, rail transport, air freight, forwarding and the port business community. The newspaper is also well read by supply chain specialists of major shippers. About 230,000 unique readers visit the website every month.

One third of the turnover of the Transport & Logistics team consists of subscriber income for the newspaper subscription, one third from advertisements and one third from events. The subscription revenue guarantees independent journalism; the greatest value of Nieuwsblad Transport.

Nieuwsblad Transport (NT) originated from the merger of Dagblad Scheepvaart (first edition from 1887) and the Economisch Dagblad. NT has been part of the ProMedia portfolio since 2017. With the first edition from 1887, Nieuwsblad Transport carries the name of ProMedia’s oldest title. In addition to the oldest title, the transport unit also has the editor who has been involved with ProMedia the longest. Editor-in-chief Bart Pals has been a journalist for ProMedia from the very beginning.

Flows was launched on Oct. 15, 2013, as a successor to the disappeared newspaper De Lloyd. That was once the country’s oldest newspaper, but it last appeared in June 2013.

Flows is the Dutch online news platform for the world of freight transport, bringing news and updates 24/7, with a daily newsletter. Flows reports independently and expertly on facts, developments and people in shipping, freight transport, Flemish ports, customs and logistics. Flows brings that news from a Belgian perspective, but with a broad view of international business.

Flows’ coverage is the work of professional journalists with a sharp focus on one or more sectors and actors in the broad landscape of cargo flows. The owner, ProMedia BE bv, guarantees full editorial independence. The editorial articles are separate from any commercial messages from advertisers or partners.

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