Traineeship Journalistiek ProMedia


ProMedia has room for a number of editorial trainees each year. To participate in the traineeship you do not specifically need to have a BA or MA in journalism. You can also apply for our traineeship if you have another related education. We have room for Dutch and English speaking Trainees. Every now and then there is also a place for a Chinese trainee at our Chinese journal.

If you like writing, data, interviewing and have some feeling with websites (especially WordPress) we invite you to send us your resume. If you successfully complete our traineeship, you will have a chance of a permanent position.

ProMedia Development

“When I started the traineeship I knew absolutely nothing about the automotive industry and had minimal practical knowledge. Now I am two months in and have completed my first article with an on-site interview that will be published in our magazine next month. I didn’t think I would learn so much so quickly.”

Nienke Eusterbrock, Journalist Trainee


The trainee program lasts for 12 months.
During these 12 months you will be part of an editorial team within one of our Business Units.

Program elements:

  • Trainee days, journalistic themes + organizational themes.
  • Peer reviews, including journal
  • Internship
  • Graduation assignment
  • Competencies & Reviews
ProMedia-Commandments Journalist class of 22


Do you want a traineeship at ProMedia? Contact us!