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ProMedia Group’s Mobility & Automotive cluster consists of the trade magazines Automotive and Fleet & Mobility and the online titles TankPro, CarwashPro, RijschoolPro, TaxiPro, OVPro and VerkeersNet.

Every day the editors of these titles closely follow the latest news, enter into dialogue with the industry and list the latest trends and developments for you. They do this not only online and in the magazines, but also live from their own studio in Rotterdam. Throughout the year they also organize numerous events and conferences to bring the industry together, highlight important themes and help the various sectors on their way to the future.

“With a team of 25 enthusiastic professionals, we work every day to create the best, independent trade information for the automotive, fleet, fuel, carwash, driving schools, cab, public transportation, traffic and mobility sectors.

Jelle Heidstra
Division Director Mobility & Automotive

Automotive Magazine

Automotive Management is the leading information source for news in the automotive industry. With the Automotive Magazine (AM), the newsletter and the AM TV broadcasts, we keep you informed on a daily basis about what is going on in the world of automotive companies, leasing, fleet, used car dealers and the aftermarket. We do this with current news, in-depth interviews, backgrounds, columns, analysis and more. Each year, AM conducts the National Business Mobility Survey (NZMO) and the National Occasion Survey (NOO), leading publications on crucial developments in the automotive industry. Annual highlights are the AM Remarketing Event, the AM Driving Business Awards with the election of the Business Car of the Year and the National Automotive Congress. Professional events not to be missed!


Every quarter Fleet&Mobility describes the most important developments in the field of business mobility, both at tactical/strategic and operational level. Together with the website, the annual Fleet Event and the Fleet Expo trade show, Fleet&Mobility is the platform for decision makers in the field of business mobility management. The readership consists of fleet and mobility managers, facility, procurement and HR officers and (financial) directors at medium and large Dutch companies. Through the site, the weekly newsletter and the magazine, all business-relevant new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles are discussed, as well as alternative modes of transport. Much attention is also paid to fiscal developments and their consequences for management. Through interviews, analyses, statistics and columns, the mobility manager thus gains daily, weekly and quarterly insight into all facets of the profession.


If you want to stay informed of the latest developments in the gas station industry, you have come to the right place at the trade magazine TankPro. The trade journal for the industry provides you with information on a daily basis about a variety of topics, including (new) fuels, electric driving, shops, retail and car wash. We do this in the form of news items, interviews, background information, columns and videos. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter to always stay up to date and never miss the latest news and trends. Every other week there is also a TankPro TV news broadcast in which we zoom in on current themes. Together with CarwashPro, TankPro annually organizes the Tank Station & Carwash Trade Fair, the largest trade event for the gas station and car wash industry in the Netherlands and Belgium.


CarwashPro is the daily news portal for all professionals in the car wash sector. You can read the latest news in the field of technology, sustainability, chemistry, current developments and entrepreneurial stories. The weekly newsletter reaches almost all professionals in the sector. Every other week there is a news broadcast with reports and interviews in which we zoom in on different themes. Every year, CarwashPro, together with TankPro, organizes the Tankstation & Carwash Vakbeurs, the largest trade event for the gas station and carwash industry in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Car Wash Show Europe is also organized every other year. Networking and knowledge exchange are central to the trade fairs. The platform is active in three languages: the Netherlands (, Germany ( and English (

How do you design a 30-kilometer road in such a way that motorists actually adhere to the speed limit? Where do mopeds belong: on the road or on the bicycle path? Can a MaaS app ensure that from now on commuters come to work by public transport? And how do you realize a car-free city center? These are just a few examples of issues surrounding (urban) mobility that are discussed daily on VerkeersNet.

With current news articles, in-depth interviews, striking studies, interesting webinars and appealing stories, we keep traffic engineers and other mobility experts informed about recent developments in the field of traffic and transport. By sharing knowledge and experiences, we want to help transport experts in carrying out their daily work and keeping the Netherlands and Belgium accessible.

This knowledge exchange is physically continued at the MaaS Congress that VerkeersNet organizes twice a year and where we bring together governments, transporters, service providers, leasing companies, politicians and suppliers. There are many challenges in the field of mobility in both busy cities and less populated areas, and Mobility as a Service could be part of the solution. In this way we contribute to raising accessibility and quality of life in the Netherlands to a higher level. is the platform where professionals from the taxi and coach industry stay informed on a daily basis about the latest developments relating to the sector. This is done with news articles, background stories, interviews and opinion pieces. Themes covered include contract transport, the street taxi market, coach transport, sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship.

In addition to the news website, there is a monthly broadcast of TaxiPro TV. Through studio interviews and video items, current themes are explored in more detail. The most relevant and important developments in Dutch healthcare transport are also extensively discussed at the annual National Congress Contract Transport in Expo Houten. Numerous specialists inform the participants about it. The congress is part of the Taxi Expo, a trade fair and networking day where exhibitors introduce the public to their latest products and services. ensures that professionals in the public transport sector are informed on a daily basis about all developments in the field of public transport. The aim is to provide tools for further professionalization of the sector. This is done not only through news, background stories, research and interviews, but also through knowledge exchange and networking opportunities during events.

People who work for transporters, governments and suppliers can stay informed via about current developments in, for example, the transition to zero-emission public transport. Other subjects that receive a lot of attention are concession changes and the search for a new balance in the tendering of these concessions, but also the place that the public transport sector occupies in the landscape of changing travel behavior and the emergence of shared mobility. A fresh look is being taken on the solutions to these challenges from all sides.

Every year, in addition to webinars, organizes a physical conference in which numerous speakers discuss one or more current themes in more detail. The OV Expo trade fair is held once every two years, a trade fair and networking day where exhibitors show and demonstrate their latest products, techniques and services.

The Dutch infrastructure sector carries out a wide range of activities. With we focus on a number of important themes in which many developments are taking place. This concerns, for example, sustainability, safety, personnel, emission-free working and the energy transition. has been an online trade magazine for quite some time. Since it became part of ProMedia at the end of 2020, the focus has been on own stories in addition to providing news. These include descriptions of projects, reports of meetings and interviews with entrepreneurs and experts. Topics that are often discussed are roads, hydraulic engineering, energy, objects (such as bridges and tunnels), tenders, policy and more.

In addition, a lot of work is being done on events that can further deepen the knowledge of the readers. In this context, webinars, conferences and trade events take place regularly.

A small, but dynamic sector. That is what characterizes the Belgian market for taxi and coach transport. The professionals from this industry can call on every working day to stay informed.

This young trade magazine is the first edition of the Passenger Transport, Traffic & Infrastructure team, which focuses on a target group outside the Netherlands. And with success, because has quickly conquered a permanent place with thousands of drivers and entrepreneurs. Suppliers, interest groups and policymakers also know where to find the trade journal. is made by a small team of committed freelancers under the direction of the permanent editorial team. They live and work in Belgium themselves and are therefore close to the fire. In the near future, will organize events, such as conferences and network meetings.

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