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Career opportunities

ProMedia considers it important that its employees enjoy and challenge their work. That is why we organize various internal and external courses, in which our employees learn new skills. There are also various career opportunities, where you can learn a different or new field or even grow into the role of coach or manager over time.

We think it is important that all our employees use their talents, so that they get energy from it. Taking courses and learning new skills is also a lot of fun because you come into contact with colleagues that you might not normally speak to!

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ProMedia Group helps professionals in the traffic, mobility and transport sector to perform their profession better. To this end, we collect and disseminate knowledge by publishing business-to-business trade journals, newspapers and news websites and organizing knowledge events.

Every day our expert editorial staff brings news, analyzes and background articles. In addition, we organize high-quality (international) conferences and trade fairs and we offer multimedia solutions for our customers. We are growing fast and are constantly looking for new people.

Put your career in motion.