Inside ProMedia: Life as an Intern

[06-06-2024, Rotterdam] ProMedia offers a wide variety of internship opportunities for students passionate about exploring their careers within the world of logistics media. What does it look like working for a leading Dutch trade publication? What entails behind the scenes of HR, Studios, Marketing, and Event departments? Six current interns shared their experiences with us.

Working in HR: Flexibility Matters 

Sany Ayeva is currently working in ProMedia as an HR intern, marking flexibility as the most valuable takeaway from this journey.

“What also makes this internship so valuable is the flexibility it offers. Whether it concerns projects or schedules, there is always a sense of collaboration and willingness to adapt. This has helped me develop my skills and grow as a professional.” And it is not only the flexibility that counts but also a supportive environment.

“One of the first things that struck me was the warm and friendly atmosphere within the company. The colleagues are not only experts in their field but also extremely supportive and respectful towards each other. This makes the working environment nice.”

Working in Studio: Get Your Hands Dirty 

For interns interested in applying their AV knowledge to real-life projects, ProMedia Studios is the perfect place to be. Working as a Studio intern means getting your hands dirty from day one, which Sten Janssen and Emma Resodihardjo cannot agree more.

“The first week was a bit overwhelming because there was a lot to take in. But I quickly found my way into the world of audiovisual production. I got the chance to work with various types of cameras and learned how to use them properly. It was great to see how ‘real productions’ are put together and to contribute to them. My editing skills have improved tremendously,” Sten Janssen shares. Real productions mean not only in-house editing but also on-site travelling.

“I’ve done productions in Utrecht, Dordrecht, Breda, and other places. This variety makes the work exciting and ensures that no day is the same. I get to meet new people, work in different environments, and gain a broader perspective on the field,” Sten adds.

Emma Resodihardjo thinks it is not only the diverse and challenging content production that makes interning at ProMedia Studios special but also the guidance each intern could receive to harness their skills for the next expenditure.

“The support I received from my colleagues was invaluable. They were not only willing to guide me and share their expertise but also encouraged me to find my own way and introduce new ideas. This combination of guidance and freedom helped me gain more confidence in my work. Moreover, there was always room for laughter and informal moments, which made the office atmosphere quite pleasant. As a result, my internship was not just a learning experience but also a time when I enjoyed coming to work,” Emma concludes.

Working in Marketing: B2B Is Your Oyster 

If you are interested in B2B marketing, then ProMedia is your oyster. As a marketing intern at ProMedia Group, you will gain a unique insight into the dynamic world of B2B marketing.

“As a marketing intern, I was involved in various aspects of the marketing process, from creating content for social media to analysing marketing campaigns. This gave me a glimpse of how marketing efforts are planned, executed, and evaluated in a B2B setting. I learned how important it is to understand the target audience precisely and how creativity and strategy go hand in hand to create effective marketing campaigns,” Pascal Kreling shares.

Glenelize Maldonado also agrees, “As a marketing intern, I’m learning the ins and outs of business-to-business marketing. I participated in various projects where I took on different roles. I optimised websites using WordPress, did all kinds of design work, wrote copy for LinkedIn posts, drafted direct emails, and even helped execute a guerrilla marketing stunt.”

Working in Events: Every Success Is Celebrated 

What can you expect as an event intern at ProMedia? Sidra Spaans summarizes it as attending meetings, contributing ideas, and taking on responsibilities during the events themselves.

“I’ve had the chance to assist at trade shows and conferences and have learned a lot about corporate events. ProMedia is a great fit for this because there are so many opportunities and numerous events organized each year. There’s no shortage of chances to get to know the company’s event sector in-depth. What I also enjoy about my internship at ProMedia is that every success is celebrated. In the weeks I’ve been here, I’ve had cake so many times, haha.”

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