ProMedia celebrated its pilot Sales Traineeship program completion

[03-05-2024, Rotterdam] ProMedia has recently completed its first Sales Traineeship program. Four sales trainees successfully finished this pilot program and will continue their sales journey within the company. What does a ProMedia sales traineeship look like? Mariona Gras Llop, one of the trainees who completed this six-month program shared her experiences.

“If one thing could define the essence of working at ProMedia, that is constant evolution”, said Gras Llop. ProMedia keeps growing and evolving to deliver better services to its customers, which also poses new requirements for sales. Thus a Sales Training program came with its purpose. It contributes to the development of young sales professionals and brings them to the next stage as Sales Managers. 

The four trainees had the opportunity to receive ongoing training from an external Sales Coach for 6 months. “Before starting, I thought it would be like a theoretical course of how to use a ‘magic sales formula’ that should work for everyone. Well, it was nothing like that,” Gras Llop explains. 

Unique personal journey

Jelle Verwaijen, the Sales Coach of this pilot Sales Traineeship guided each trainee to find their unique learning trajectories. It all started with the exploration of each trainee’s unique personality persona. Different sales skills are advised towards different trainees so that they can maximise their sales potential while staying true to their real selves. 

To cultivate the ultimate skill for each one, different teaching methods are employed during the traineeship. For example, calling, pitching and role-playing are the most common practices and are harnessed weekly. Trainees were asked to reflect upon every call to refine their pitch and redefine their capabilities in the following sales interactions. To name a few highlights of this reflection process: listening and understanding clients’ needs,  being able to address any objections, reaching targets with realistic goals, and preparing before every meeting and call. Most importantly, “prioritising and embracing the no,” said Gras Llop.

Secret sales formula

Although the “magic sales formula” was not taught during the traineeship, Gras Llop found her own “secret sales formula” that could accompany her sales career for a long time: commitment, passion and consistency. With this formula, all the trainees harvested proudly not only the needed sales skills but also their own deals in the end. When asked what is the most important command of becoming a great Sales Manager, Gras Llop said, “Multiple paths lead to the goal, embrace yours!”

Next traineeship

The next traineeship will start soon again inside ProMedia, are you keen to develop your sales career which stays close to your heart? Then stay tuned with our latest newsletter and social media posts!

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Kitty Erina
HR Director ProMedia Group
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